Murph Fitness

Murph Fitness is a Quebec-based company that specializes in the sale of
of sports equipment. Our objective is to offer high quality products to customers at competitive price. We are listening to the maniacs of training and we're always looking for something new to equip you well. Shop on our online store and enjoy the best prices on the market!

Performance supplements

Murph Fitness has partnered with Performance Supplements to give you a
wide range of bulk supplements. Finally, you can choose your quantity and
enjoy a variety of tasty supplements without getting tanned. In addition to
reduce your environmental footprint (we don't like to throw away plastic), you can reduce your environmental
get more for less... no, it's not a dream.


Our equipment is not tested on animals, but rather on
high-performance human beings.

Contact us

If you ever don't feel like talking to a robot, you can call this
number. 1-418-480-9002